Casino Guru and Mindway AI Announce Partnership and Launch Risk Assessment Campaign for Players 

March 21, 2023

On the occasion of the Problem Gambling Awareness Month held every March, Casino Guru and Mindway AI partner again to launch a special campaign for Casino Guru web visitors aimed at assessing the riskiness of their play. 

Until the end of the month, a special widget along with a dedicated casino card will be placed on Casino Guru’s website to invite visitors to play a simple card game which will have their gambling style assessed. Gamalyze, the award-winning creation of Mindway AI, will deliver a detailed analysis of one’s gambling style based on their behavior during the game, offering players a personalized report that includes specifically tailored recommendations.  

The campaign comes as yet another result of the joint effort of both companies: to prevent problem gambling and strengthen the importance of responsible play. To maximize the potential reach, Casino Guru’s newsletter was used to increase exposure to the self-test. 

The duo launched a similar campaign for the European Safer Gambling Week back in 2022, during which more than 1,500 players decided to put their gambling style to the test. This time, the companies decided to go a step further and sign a partnership agreement for closer cooperation.  The aim of the partnership is to make safer gambling tools more accessible to players, as well as raise awareness and support their interest in this very important topic. 

Šimon Vincze, Casino Guru’s Sustainable and Safer Gambling Lead, commented on the new partnership: “I’m really happy that we managed to turn this idea into reality again. It’s very difficult to make players who come to our website primarily to have fun aware of the principles of responsible gambling. Thankfully, Gamalyze brings elements of gambling and gamification together and, thanks to the inherent nature of humans to be curious, creates a very useful tool for player protection.” 

Rasmus Kjaergaard, Mindway AI’s CEO, also gave his opinion on the campaign: “We are proud to partner with the team at Casino Guru on this important initiative. Safer gambling is something that should be considered for all players, not just those who we perceive to be at risk or vulnerable. Tools such as Gamalyze are instrumental in normalizing these conversations and demonstrating our commitment to enabling operators to enhance player protection.” 

The duo hopes to reach as many visitors as possible, hopefully nudging them towards a more mindful approach to gambling in the process. By making players aware of their gambling style and any problem gambling tendencies that might cause them unwanted trouble later on, both companies are continuously contributing to a safer and more sustainable online gambling industry.  

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