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Widgets: Bringing Your Sportsbook Closer To Automation With Altenar 

May 2, 2023 | Press Release

Over its years in the iGaming market, Altenar, a leading supplier of sportsbook software, has amassed a tremendous amount of market, player, and technological expertise. As a result, it has contributed to the advancement of features and solutions. 

Using widget technology in its front-end interface, Altenar has not only given a variety of international operators and their users new levels of personalisation but also made it possible for a more reliable and automated experience overall. 

In addition, Altenar offers a variety of official data providers, a robust risk management system, a wealth of live and virtual sports material from around the world, as well as the assistance of devoted account managers and sportsbook specialists at your disposal.

So, how would an operator benefit from widget technology in its customer-facing front-end? 

Let’s take a look… 

  • Content Widgets allow operators to embed Altenar’s sports content in a variety of positions to better suit their players’ needs.
  • Altenar’s content widgets allow operators to replace sportsbook components with custom widgets that are managed from the operator’s side. This increases tremendously, the front-end customisation and flexibility per individual brand requirements. 
  • Content widgets create a more immersive betting experience for customers by displaying stats, a scoreboard, animations and popular bets, creating a greater interface.  
  • Altenar’s Content Widgets aim to create a new FE framework based on the widgets architecture while improving the UX.

If you’re looking to add a sportsbook to your offering or want to switch providers, you can book a meeting with Altenar’s team at this year’s CGS Chile!

Invest flexibility and stability into your sportsbook solution with Altenar!

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