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Jumio at PGS 2024: Verification and Fraud Prevention in iGaming

May 27, 2024 | Exclusive Content

In the dynamic world of iGaming, identity verification, and fraud prevention are crucial for operational success. Digital Gaming News had an exclusive conversation with Samer Atassi, Vice President for Latin America at Jumio, who shared his perspective on participating in PGS 2024, the importance of the Latin American market, and how their innovative solutions are benefiting iGaming companies in the region.

We also explore the essential technologies transforming the industry and the upcoming innovations Jumio has in store.

  • Can you tell us more about your participation in the Peru Gaming Show 2024 and what expectations you have for the event?

We will be at stand 28, and we look forward to connecting with current and potential clients, partners, and operators who are interested in the latest in age and identity verification, fraud prevention, and KYC and AML compliance solutions.

How important is the Latin American market for Jumio, and how have you adapted your services to the specific needs of this region?

Latin America is a unique marketplace with expanding iGaming markets and a strong demographic that is expected to drive growth over time. Numerous South American countries have legalized and regulated online gaming and betting, working hard to create stable markets prepared for expansion through cooperation between operators and legislators. As a result, online gaming in Latin America is expected to quadruple in size, reaching $6.75 billion by 2027. From our perspective, Latin America represents the largest area of growth potential for iGaming globally.

  • Can you detail how Jumio’s services, particularly in areas like identity verification and fraud prevention, are benefiting iGaming companies in Peru?

Jumio’s platform is tailored for gaming and betting in Peru and beyond, helping operators verify players’ ages, improve conversion rates, and combat cybercriminals. We are the #1 identity verification provider for gaming operators and sportsbooks worldwide, and our solutions help 9 of the top 10 operators in Europe and several of the largest sportsbooks in the United States reduce onboarding processes to mere seconds, simplify KYC and AML compliance, extract birth dates for age verification, and reduce the volume of time-consuming manual reviews.

  • Jumio will participate in a panel on essential technologies in iGaming, such as KYC, artificial intelligence, and fraud. Can you give us a preview of the key points that will be discussed in this session?

Gaming operators want to interact in real time with real customers and use cutting-edge technology, including AI, biometrics, and activity detection, for a fast and secure verification process. Samer will demonstrate how Jumio’s solutions create an efficient KYC pathway so players can get onboarded and start playing faster, providing a much better user experience.

  • What are the upcoming innovations Jumio plans to introduce to the iGaming market, and how do you think they will impact security and efficiency in the industry?

The regulation of online gaming is constantly evolving, with new trends and legal changes emerging every year. To successfully navigate the complex landscape of online gaming, it’s essential for operators, affiliates, and even players to stay updated with the latest developments.

Jumio thoroughly understands the specific challenges of the gaming sector in various regions. From different age requirements to varying levels of technological proficiency, Jumio has researched and developed solutions to bring players to their platform quickly and securely, wherever they are.

We thank Samer Atassi for sharing his valuable insights with our media outlet on the iGaming industry and Jumio’s innovations. His participation in PGS 2024 promises to be a crucial meeting point for operators, partners, and clients interested in advanced identity verification and fraud prevention solutions.

We are excited to see how Jumio will continue to lead the way in the digital transformation of iGaming in Latin America.

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