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Mascot Gaming recognizes the growing popularity of online gambling in Latin America

June 20, 2023  | Exclusive Content 

Mascot Gaming is a dynamic casino game provider with its headquarters in  Spain.

Mascot Gaming has experienced remarkable growth and is now live in over 700 online casinos worldwide. The team, consisting of 60 highly skilled employees, possesses unparalleled expertise in gambling software development, ensuring the delivery of top-quality gaming content.

In exclusive, Digital Gaming News had the opportunity to talk with Margarita –  Head of Marketing at Mascot Gaming about its participation in BIS – SiGMA Americas in Sao Paulo City. 

  • Could you tell us about your company? 

At Mascot Gaming, we are driven by a mission to create engaging and entertaining slot games that offer players an unforgettable experience. Our slots are known for their striking designs, combining visually captivating graphics with smart math and sophisticated mechanics. We take pride in pushing the boundaries of innovation, constantly introducing unique features like Risk and Buy, and setting our titles apart from the competition. Moreover, we offer favorable pricing models that cater to operators of all sizes, allowing them to offer our exceptional Mascot Gaming titles to their players.

As the Head of Marketing, I am honored to be part of a company that values creativity, excellence, and player satisfaction. Mascot Gaming’s journey has been exhilarating, and I am excited to continue contributing to our success in the ever-evolving world of online gambling.

  • What was the expectation of participating in this show?

Participating in Sigma Americas 2023 held great expectations for us at Mascot Gaming. Firstly, we were incredibly excited about the opportunity to visit São Paulo and experience the vibrant atmosphere of Brazil. It was our first time in the country, and we were looking forward to admiring the city’s unique beauty and immersing ourselves in its rich culture. We knew that São Paulo would provide an inspiring backdrop for the event.

Secondly, we were eager to establish new connections and seize fresh opportunities in the Latin American market. Sigma Americas presented an ideal platform for networking and engaging with industry professionals. We were excited about the potential to build relationships with operators, regulators, and other key stakeholders. These connections would be crucial in expanding our reach and exploring potential collaborations that could contribute to our growth in the region.

Lastly, we were thrilled to see firsthand the impressive development of the Brazilian iGaming industry. Brazil’s commitment to creating a favorable regulatory environment for online gambling showcased the country’s potential as a thriving market. We saw Sigma Americas as an opportunity to learn more about the local landscape, understand the market dynamics, and contribute our expertise to this growing industry. It was exciting to be part of this progress and witness the enthusiasm and passion surrounding the Brazilian iGaming sector.

  • How important is the Brazilian and Latin American market for your company?

Approaching the Latin American market is of utmost importance for Mascot Gaming. This new venture represents a significant opportunity for our company’s growth and expansion. Latin America is a region with immense potential in the iGaming industry, and we are eager to establish a strong presence and capture the opportunities it offers.

We recognize the growing popularity of online gambling in Latin America, and the region’s market is evolving rapidly. By entering this market at an early stage, we position ourselves strategically to establish a foothold and build long-lasting relationships with local operators and players. This venture allows us to tap into a new customer base, expand our reach, and diversify our portfolio.

In conclusion, the Latin American market represents a crucial and exciting opportunity for Mascot Gaming. Our company is fully committed to this new venture, and we are eager to navigate the unique dynamics of the region, build strong relationships, and contribute to the thriving iGaming industry in Latin America.

For more information about this interesting company, please visit its website:

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