Esteemed leaders of the gaming industry join the CGS Santiago event in Chile

May 14, 2024

CGS Santiago warmly welcomes a select group of speakers who will support the company’s efforts to consolidate the gaming market in Chile. The event, which will take place on May 29 and 30 in Santiago de Chile, will bring together prominent industry professionals, major fintech companies, cybersecurity firms, and more, offering a valuable networking space and an Xpo360 experience.

Among the special guests, we are pleased to introduce:

Ida Lopez: President of the Institute of Games and Casinos of Mendoza in the Government of Mendoza. With a distinguished legal career in both the public and private sectors, her experience in legal and commercial matters will bring a unique perspective to the event.

Hazenclever Lopes: President of LOTERJ and a lawyer specializing in Electoral and Public Law. His leadership at the emblematic State Lottery of Rio de Janeiro has made a significant impact on the lottery industry, combining his dedication to public service with his business experience.

Iuri Castro: Former Undersecretary of Regulation of Lotteries in Brasil.

With a solid background in management and lotteries, his extensive knowledge in business strategic design and federal regulation will enrich the event discussions.

Francisco Leiva: Former Superintendent of Casino Games in Chile and current consultant for a major casino chain in the southern country. His deep knowledge of the Chilean market and experience in strategic development will be invaluable for the event.

Mark Pace: President of the International Gaming Standards Association (IGSA). With a diverse career in the gaming industry and prominent experience in standards and regulation, Mark will bring a unique perspective to the event, promoting the industry’s advancement in Chile.

It is an honor to have such distinguished professionals whose knowledge and experience will enrich the gaming ecosystem in Chile. Do not miss this great opportunity to interact with the most prominent personalities in the international industry, create bonds, exchange experiences and knowledge in an environment conducive to dialogue and business. CGS Santiago, and the brands that accompany us, continue to drive the advancement of regulation in all its aspects, to achieve a solid, responsible, and productive industry.

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