Press Release: Interview with Ady Totah of LuckyStreak by The Betting Coach

7 de mayo 2024

In a recent exclusive interview conducted by The Betting Coach, Ady Totah, CEO of LuckyStreak, shared insights into LuckyStreak’s vision and success in the iGaming market. The interview provides a unique perspective on LuckyStreak’s evolution as a global leader in live casino games and gaming aggregation solutions.

Totah highlighted LuckyStreak’s success story, which began a decade ago with the vision to offer something different and appealing in the rapidly growing live casino sector. Since then, LuckyStreak has established high-quality products, long-term commercial partnerships, and a strong presence in the global iGaming market.

During the interview, the emphasis was on the importance of quality and innovation in LuckyStreak’s products, which include a wide range of live casino games such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. LuckyConnect, LuckyStreak’s integration API offering access to a vast game library, was also mentioned as adding value to online casino operators.

Totah shared LuckyStreak’s recent commercial success in the Italian market, highlighting the importance of delivering high-quality products and being a reliable and consistent partner in a demanding market.

Additionally, future plans for LuckyStreak were revealed, including expansion into key markets like Italy and obtaining additional recognitions, reflecting an optimistic and ambitious vision for the company’s future.

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