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Betsson Brazil Spotlight: Perspectives and Challenges of the Brazilian Market

March 14, 2024 | Exclusive Interview

In the framework of the SBC Summit Rio 2024, Digital Gaming News held an exclusive conversation with André Gelfi, Director of Betsson Brazil, and President Director of the Brazilian Institute of Responsible Gaming. During the interview, Gelfi provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing Betsson in the Brazilian market, as well as details about the company’s strategy and the Brazilian audience’s response to its products.

Gelfi highlighted that one of the main challenges for Betsson in Brazil is adapting to the market’s demands and competitive reality, which has established itself and grown while awaiting regulation. However, he also pointed out that this situation represents a unique opportunity for the company, as the Brazilian market holds promise for those dedicated to significant participation.

“The Brazilian market is very auspicious for those effectively dedicated to it,” commented Gelfi. “I don’t know any operator here who hasn’t invested and focused on Brazil and hasn’t succeeded.”

Regarding the Brazilian audience’s response, Gelfi affirmed that Betsson’s experience in the market has been fruitful for learning and making necessary adjustments to its products and user experience. He emphasized that the company’s scalable value proposition has been crucial during this process.

When asked about the aspects that differentiate Betsson’s strategy in Brazil from other markets, Gelfi emphasized the importance of fine-tuning and a highly competitive value proposition.

“We are talking about very particular circumstances. Each market is unique,” explained Gelfi. “In these markets, fine-tuning is critical and necessary for those with good ambitions. Scaling is not an option, it’s almost an obligation.”

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