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Novusbet highlights the customization of odds for each market  

May 11, 2023 | Exclusive Content 

Novusbet, comprehensive provider of sports betting services, gaming platforms and customized solutions, presents an incredible positioning and expansion in the Latin American territory this 2023. 

Cosimo Suppa, Novusbet’s Operations Manager, shared exclusively with Digital Gaming News some outstanding information about his company’s development and projections in the iGaming industry.

Novusbet has several products for the industry. This allows them to have a reach in different parts of the world, as they not only offer various online verticals, but also offer offline products such as gaming terminals. 

Regarding their expansion in different parts of the world, Cosimo Suppa shared with us some insights about his last presentation in an event in Latin America (GAT – Cartagena), where he highlighted the importance of the positioning in the region: “Our perspective was very good because we had many contacts from Latin America, Central America. Many people came to ask for information about our services. A lot of them were surprised because they would not only see online services, but also offline services at the same time“.In addition, at the event they were able to present the “CoreBet” platform, which is automated according to the requirements of each client.

Likewise, for Novusbet it is important to implement retention strategies for players, that is why they have trained people who are aware of the leagues and sports events, tournaments, so that based on this they can make a stimulation/promotion to players, depending on the segmentation and location. The players can bet on a large number of markets thanks to the platform’s own algorithm, available on any device, being a flexible solution for mobiles and tablets that allow an exciting betting experience.

Enjoy the #Podcast:

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