“I play, therefore I am!”- Refining concepts to later make them explosive

September 8, 2023 | Article

In this article by Guillermo Sepulveda of Land Vegas, the concept of play and its significance in human life is explored. It begins by quoting Huizinga, who defined play as a voluntary activity carried out within certain established limits of space and time, according to freely accepted but unconditionally followed rules, accompanied by a sense of tension and joy. However, Sepulveda argues that play goes beyond simply experiencing tension and joy.

The article contends that we play to perpetuate something, to make it memorable and repeatable in our lives. We seek objects, stories, and experiences full of play so that this playful desire integrates with the opportunities offered by the “art of playing.” This playful desire, in turn, represents a desire for vital, personal, and social affirmation. We aim to eternalize moments in our lives that we have mastered or wish to master, reminding ourselves that we are capable of continuously adapting to this ever-changing world.

When seeking our adaptation through play, whether individually or collectively, we define our own mechanics and personality. We become capable of resting our thoughts (distraction), transmitting them (communication), socializing them (training), or even reframing them (transformation) if necessary.

In short, we play to feel alive and to let others know that we exist in this world as dynamic beings capable of living in harmony with others. Playing is about transcending borders and breaking limits, all while remembering the internal potential that resides within each of us. Do you think you can find it? Try playing.

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