Slotegrator’s secrets of online casino promotion

The global online gambling market is expected to be worth $153 billion by 2030, and its sheer size guarantees a high level of competition. How can you promote your casino in such a crowded field? Slotegrator shares its secrets.

May 5, 2023 | Article

Increasing internet penetration and innovations like mobile-adapted applications are increasing player access to online casinos, boosting demand and driving market growth. Online casinos need to adapt to today’s conditions.

If you want to run one of the industry’s top online casinos, you need to focus on promoting it, but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to casino promotion. Different audiences respond to different campaigns, and what worked like a charm a few years ago might be totally useless in today’s market.

There are seven main strategies:

  1. Focus on your target market. Learn all that you can about your target market, including demographics, economics, regulations, mindset, and culture. You should know your target audience’s likes and dislikes, including what games are popular and why. It’s also critical to dive into one market rather than spread yourself too thin across several of them. To succeed in a certain region, you should consider each country’s social values and regulations. It is also necessary to know the details of the market: preferred content providers, odds formats etc. In short, knowing your players and offering them what they want is essential.
  • Embrace innovation. There are plenty of futuristic innovations on everyone’s lips: AI, NFTs, ChatGPT, cryptocurrencies, and many others. Don’t be afraid to incorporate them. Many daily casino operations can be automated using AI, such as registration, banking, issuing bonuses, collecting business intelligence data, and so on. Similarly, AI is a great help in the areas of security and safer gambling. Casinos can make use of the latest technologies to ensure that they are complying with the latest regulations and to help them detect suspicious or dangerous behavior.
  • Engage in mutually beneficial partnerships. Collaborations with movie, music, or sports stars or other influencers can change the public perception of your brand and increase interest in your casino. As for Slotegrator, we have an upcoming promotional campaign in conjunction with Jamie Daniel, who won a free platform (which is already in development) from our lottery at ICE London 2023.
  • Express your individuality. Why is your casino the best? What differentiates it from the others on the market? Copying other successful brands will make you a pale imitation of them, but establishing your own identity will help build your brand in players’ minds — which, in turn, will boost marketing efforts and focus players’ attention on your bonuses and loyalty programs.
  • Technical foundation. You need a multifunctional and secure online platform that works as smoothly on desktop as it does on mobile. A user-friendly website is also essential for engaging and retaining players, so pay attention to UX and navigation. It’s also essential to optimize your site for SEO so players can find you. 
  • Build a communication strategy. Use the right mix of communication channels for your target audience. Research your target audience to know more about its favorite sources; newsletters, online advertising, email, and SMS could all be tools for creating and expanding your audience.
  • Create your own community. Use social media or a special web forum to establish a hub where players can interact with each other. Building a network of players will give you a chance to better understand your audience and let you keep an ear out for their needs.

“At the heart of a successful online casino promotion strategy is the desire to combine technological opportunities for the players and the idea of humanity. The better you try to understand your audience and the market you are entering, the more successful and precise your strategy will be. And your route to high ratings and positions is assured”, comments Svetlana Kirichenko, Head of Marketing at Slotegrator.

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