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PG Soft hatches Rio-inspired Chicky Run 

June 25, 2024

PG Soft, a world-class digital mobile games company, has hatched its Rio-inspired title Chicky Run.

Set on the streets of Rio de Janeiro with the Christ the Redeemer statue looming on the horizon, Chicky Run promises players a unique gaming experience. As the game loads, players place their bet for the chick to charge down the street to avoid being squashed by cars. Each time the chick successfully dodges a car it will be joined by another furry friend until the multiplier reaches its maximum. The size of the multiplier depends on the number of successful rounds in a row.

Before running through Rio, players must choose to begin on the left hand side or the right hand side, there is also the choice to use the Random button. This is repeated for each new chick dash. After avoiding a car there is also the option to press the collect button and cash out with your returns rather than run the risk of being hit.

Players can also enjoy Chicky Run with the Extra Coins Chance feature activated. Here any winning round has a chance of awarding between one and three coins worth half of the bet amount (before the increased 50% cost). 

The graphic directly below the multiplier metre indicates the directions where no vehicles appeared over the previous 10 rounds.

PG Soft’s spokesperson commented: “Chicky Run is pure joy to play, and where better place to run for riches than the fabulous Rio de Janeiro. Our designers and product team have done a wonderful job and now we finally know why the chicken crossed the road!” 

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