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Galaxsys & Fashion TV Gaming Group Release Hot Gear – Stylish Scratch Game

April 15, 2024

Galaxsys gaming studio proudly presents Hot Gear, a collaboration with Fashion TV Gaming Group, combining the allure of fashion with the thrill of scratching to create an exceptional gaming experience.

How it works

The game rules are incredibly straightforward. It all starts when the players input their desired bet and buy tickets, and the goal is to scratch and reveal the matching symbols for a stylish win. Each scratch card presents a 3×3 grid packed with potential wins. Players should scratch three odds of a kind to win – it’s that simple. Additionally, players can manually scratch or opt for the “Scratch All” feature to reveal the hidden odds.

What Makes Hot Gear Stand Out?

Hot Gear isn’t a typical scratch game—it’s a fusion of style and luxury. Created in partnership with Fashion TV Gaming Group, it promises nothing less than stunning design and an immersive experience that exudes sophistication. The game focuses on fashion and luxury, advancing the gaming experience with unique and stylish visuals.

Game Highlights

Beyond its stylish interface, Hot Gear offers distinctive highlights and features.

Auto Bet

Switching to the Auto Bet mode enables the player to configure the best settings so that the system places bets instead of them.

Quick Bet

With Quick Bet, players can swiftly and seamlessly place bets without navigating through extensive menus or manually adjusting various parameters.

Authentic Lotto Experience

The game delivers an authentic lotto experience, allowing players to enjoy the genuine thrill of scratching and revealing their potential winnings.

Provable Fairness

To ensure true randomness, we only use the most reliable and high-end Random Number Generator technologies.

Collaborative Gaming Concept

Developed in collaboration with Fashion TV Gaming Group, Hot Gear introduces a gaming aesthetic that embodies the essence of style and fashion, featuring the latest and trendiest game elements.

FreeBet / FreeAmount

FreeBet and FreeAmount bonuses provide an option to award bonuses to the players, with terms set by the operator.

Gear up for a gaming experience like no other with Hot Gear. From its stylish design to its innovative features, this game will attract players with its blend of fashion and scratch game experience.

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