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Discovering the ParlayBay Revolution: Extensive Sports Coverage

March 15, 2024 | Exclusive Content

In the SBC Summit Rio 2024 framework, Digital Gaming News had an exclusive conversation with Bernardo Bastos, Sales Manager Latam of ParlayBay, where fascinating details about the vision and innovative products the company offers in the sports betting market were revealed. ParlayBay, a provider in the gaming industry, is on a mission to revolutionize the sector with its cutting-edge approach.

When asked about ParlayBay’s main objective in the sports betting market, Bastos expressed: “Our goal as gaming providers is to bring the sports betting industry into a 2.0 version. Today we have a new concept which is the concept of micro bets. We are providers of games focused on micro markets. Our objective is to help improve the sports betting market with our concepts and to bring the industry into a 2.0 version of everything.”

ParlayBay spares no effort in sports event coverage, as Bastos stated: “We offer everything from Brasileirao to the Champions League, passing through the Mexican League and the NBA, as well as all the major leagues in the world through our games.”

With a wide range of games and continuous expansion, ParlayBay is at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Bastos highlighted: “Today we have in our three games, but we are always developing new solutions. We are now expanding into the eSports market. We are always developing, unfolding, and growing on our platform.”

The new range of sports betting products from ParlayBay offers unique advantages in a saturated market. Bastos explained: “I believe there is a commoditization of sports betting products. The advantage is this innovation we have with the new concept. We have UI, UX solutions customized for our product. The Advantage is the innovation, the technology we have in Micro markets and everything we can develop with that concept.”

The interview reveals ParlayBay’s commitment to innovation and its unique focus on continuously improving the sports betting experience for users. With its focus on micro bets, extensive event coverage, and cutting-edge solutions, ParlayBay is establishing itself as a leader in the gaming industry.

Enjoy the full interview here:

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