European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) Applauds European Parliament’s Endorsement of New European Digital Identity

5 March 2024

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) enthusiastically welcomes the recent approval by the European Parliament of a Regulation introducing a new European Digital Identity (e-ID).

This milestone signifies a significant leap forward in establishing a more secure and inclusive digital environment for all European Union (EU) citizens.The newly endorsed e-ID aims to provide citizens with a standardized EU electronic identification method, enabling seamless online identification and authentication while prioritizing privacy and security.

This Regulation, adopted on 29 February, empowers individuals to authenticate themselves online without relying on commercial providers, thus mitigating concerns surrounding data privacy and security.EGBA emphasizes the transformative potential of the e-ID, citing its ability to bolster consumer privacy protection and enhance security measures against identity theft and fraud. By offering a singular verification tool usable across the EU, the e-ID is poised to streamline digital transactions and reduce administrative burdens and costs for businesses, including gambling operators.

Importantly, the use of the e-ID remains entirely voluntary for both citizens and businesses, offering flexibility in its integration into various processes. EGBA has been a staunch advocate for the e-ID since its proposal by the European Commission in 2021, recognizing its capacity to revolutionize online service accessibility and utilization within the EU.

The forthcoming formal endorsement by the EU Council of Ministers, expected before summer 2024, will mark the official adoption of the e-ID Regulation, which will automatically apply across all EU member states. EGBA Secretary General, Maarten Haijer, underscores the significance of this advancement, emphasizing its role in fostering a more secure, user-friendly digital ecosystem aligned with EGBA’s principles of integrity, transparency, and consumer-centricity.With the European Commission aiming for an 80% adoption rate of e-ID among EU citizens by 2030, EGBA remains committed to supporting and promoting the widespread implementation and utilization of this innovative digital identity framework.

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