Gaming Insight Rio 2024: Innovations and Opportunities for the Brazilian Market

23 de febrero, 2024

Gaming Insight Rio 2024, the groundbreaking event organized by CGS Events, is set to take place on March 4th at the Marriot Rio in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. This distinguished company, with over two decades of experience in the entertainment sector, has conceived a flagship event that will bring together industry leaders and experts to explore the latest trends, business opportunities, and regulatory developments in the Brazilian market.

In a recent episode of the Digital Gaming Play Podcast, Samuel Osorio, Operations Manager of CGS Events, announced enthusiastically: “We are thrilled to present Gaming Insight Rio 2024, an exclusive event designed to provide a unique platform for networking and collaboration in the gaming industry in Brazil.”

Osorio further emphasized: “We, at CGS Events, are committed to providing a high-quality networking experience to facilitate meaningful connections and tangible business opportunities for our attendees.”

Gaming Insight Rio 2024 will focus on crucial topics such as sector regulation, market trends, and investment opportunities in Brazil. With the participation of prominent sponsors and institutional support from local organizations, the event promises to provide an invaluable platform for knowledge exchange and network expansion.

The organizers also announced the introduction of a new initiative called “Chat & Wine,” sponsored by Pay4Fun, designed to foster interactive and collaborative discussions among event participants. “We are committed to providing a dynamic and enriching learning experience for all our attendees,” added Osorio.

The gambling and betting community in Brazil eagerly anticipates this unique event, which promises to drive innovation and growth in the sector. For more information about Gaming Insight Rio 2024 and how to participate, visit the official website at

To watch the full episode of the Digital Gaming Play Podcast, click on the following link:

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