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Get ready for real growth in Brazil with Novusbet

January 29, 2024 | Article by Novusbet

Brazilians’ passion for sports, particularly football, is no secret. And this passion fuels a fast-growing betting industry, which was already worth $1,5 billion in 2023 and is expected to soar to $1.8 billion by 2024.  Brazil’s entry into the legalisation of sports betting and online gambling through Law no. 14.790 has opened a door to one of the most vibrant and promising markets in the world.

In this blooming landscape, operators face a 12% tax on GGR and a R$30 million licensing fee, in addition to stringent regulatory requirements. That’s why Novusbet steps in with a fully customisable and managed Sportsbook platform designed to suit Brazilian market unique needs, facilitating management and increasing revenue.

Exclusive features for brazilian players

Novusbet’s Sportsbook platform is specifically designed for the Brazilian market, integrating must-have features that resonate and appeal to any type of local player, such as:

  • Bore Draw: which offers refunds on no-goal matches.
  • 2 Goal Lead: to win the bet if a team with a two-goal lead ends up drawing or losing.
  • Boosted Odds: which increases odds on a particular bet.
  • Bet Insurance: to receive back the stake when a ticket for one match is lost.
  • Bet Builder: whichallows players to create custom bets on specific markets.
  • 1-Click Bet: to make it easier to place a bet.
  • Tournaments: which foster loyalty and community.
  • Missions: to keep bettors engaged through dynamic rewards.

Strategic management for specific markets

Novusbet recognises that each operator has unique needs and aspirations, especially in a market as dynamic as Brazil. Thus, these solutions help clients take deeper control of their offering by providing in-depth analysis on betting patterns and financial health. Also, Novusbet’s real-time information on market trends and player behaviour is invaluable for operators who wish to optimise their strategies.

Additionally, by using the company’s widget-based system, operators can easily tailor their betting interface, aligning it perfectly with the business objectives and player preferences.

For operators curious about user-centred features, platform customisation or market-specific strategies, Novusbet’s team of experts is always ready to delve into client’s particular requirements and explore the vast potential of the market.

Don’t hesitate to contact us now!

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